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Rhodes Arts Complex – Easter Opening

This Easter Rhodes Arts Complex will be open 9am –...

B.S. Museum opening times

Museum will be closed for the refurbishment on Friday 14th...

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Museum opening times

Friday, April 7, 2017

Due to the ongoing building works the Museum will be closed today  7th April 2017. Please phone the reception to check the opening times for Saturday and next week. Sorry for any inconvinience

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Rhodes and its seven Pantos

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pantomime at Rhodes –Brief History Characters Patrick Jacobs, Ken Joy and Andy Graham (production from 2005-2009) Phil Dale (production from 2009-present) Act 1-Scene 1: The set takes place in 1938 in the market town of Bishop’s Stortford when the Rhodes Memorial Museum was opened for the public. Act1-Scene 2: This scene was performed in a distant year of 1961 when the proposal was made that Memorial should act as an educational centre and also to serve as the much needed Public Hall to accommodate a small cinema and meeting rooms. More importantly the lower floor was to act as a...

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Town stocks- Medieval Thorley

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This is a story about the medieval town stocks from Thorely that are a part of the museum collection. These stocks are from the churchyard at St James church, Thorley, Bishop’s Stortford.  They were originally placed in an open area known as ‘Village Pond’, sometime after 1350.   This was to the left of the gateway to Thorley Hall and immediately in front of the lychgate.   The stocks are made of wood and were used to publically humiliate offenders for minor offences e.g. petty theft, wife beating, Sabbath breaking and drunkenness.  They consisted of large hinged wooden boards, which...

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Castle Goal or ‘Bishop’s Hole’

Friday, October 21, 2016

Waytemore Castle was a royal fortress, a prison and a private residence of the Lord of the manor i.e. the Bishop of London, though there is little evidence to suggest any bishop ever actually lived in the castle. They did, however, use it for the Bishop’s Court where any local felony of a religious nature was dealt with. To pay for this court, as well as the castle’s upkeep and defence, tenants of the manor were expected to do their duty as castle guards or, in lieu of service, pay money to the bishop. The prison in the castle was...

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Cemetery Lodge photo 3

History of the family who lived at the Cemetery Lodge, Cemetery Road, Bishop’s Stortford (Part 2)

Monday, September 5, 2016

  So now, to continue with the story of the family who lived in the Cemetery Lodge.  In Part 1 of this blog (posted on the Museum Blog May 27, 2015), I used the Census records from 1861 to 1881 to find information about the family.  Now I am using Census records from 1891 to the most current publicly available which is 1911.  This part of the story follows Henry James Tucker, who resided at the Cemetery Lodge following the death of his father William Henry Tucker in April 1888.  In January 1888 Henry James married Louisa Sapsford at St...

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closed in 1872 and demolished in 1898

The Inn Signs of Bishops Stortford

Monday, August 1, 2016

Two of the Museum volunteers, Colin and Renee, have been researching the history of the many Inns, Public Houses and Hotels of Bishops Stortford and Thorley over the centuries. This blog consists of the amusing poem below and an extract from a poem which together cleverly portrays many of the names of the Inns and pubs of Bishops Stortford and also indicate the fate that befell many of these hostelries. POEMS As I rode in from Stansted The grass still wet with dew, The breaking dawn had streaked the sky With RED, WHITE AND BLUE  Twas very early dawn indeed...

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from the B.S.Museum Library

Walter Strachan (1903-94): the man on a bike

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

There was little to suggest that the genial Bishop’s Stortford College languages tutor, often seen cycling round the town (when he was not gallivanting in France or Italy), was a major figure of his day in the arts world. Beneath the suit, tie, pullover and bicycle-clips, was an intriguing man. Out of College hours he was an international cultural figure, a friend, colleague and contact of artists and writers across Europe. His appreciation was for modern creativity and his passion was for books by significant authors and poets of the day and the artist-illustrators who put pictures to their words....

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Collections Management in Greece

Friday, July 1, 2016

Collections management in Greece, or What I did on my holiday! Background: Patras is the third largest city in Greece, and it is joined to the north of Greece via a huge new multi-span bridge 2.25 km long. A motorway is being built to join Patras and the bridge with Athens, along the south (Peloponnese) side of the Gulf. The roadworks are immense, and the resulting traffic jam will probably last at least another 5 years! Don’t go that way!! Even in ancient times, Nafpaktos (formerly called Lepanto) on the north side was an important port and defensive site. During...

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Pigment table small

Egg Tempera Workshop

Monday, June 20, 2016

Bishop’s Stortford Museum is running the hands on one day course for adults with guest tutor Simon Barnes on Wednesday July 13th, 10am-4pm. Tea and coffee will be provided and you will get to learn about the basic techniques of painting in egg tempera-the primary painting medium of the classical and medieval periods. The course will cover the history of egg tempera painting, mixing your own pigments, surface preparation and basic painting techniques. As part of the day you will paint a small piece of your own to take away with you. £35, limited numbers   Traditional and Contemporary Egg...

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A Level Art

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Bishop’s Stortford Museum is delighted to be associated with an initiative which presents the art of local school children to the local community. Deputy Curator came up with this idea in 2006 and this is proudly our 10th anniversary since The Gallery at Rhodes has been working with the local schools and helping them promotes the students art. Both Primary and almost all Secondary schools from Bishop’s Stortford have been exhibiting with us for all these years and we believe that we have proven to be a successful mediator in this respect. The art work is exciting and it...

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Capability Brown and Bishops Stortford

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2016 marks the 300th anniversary of the birth in 1716 of one of England’s greatest landscape designers, Lancelot “Capability” Brown.  There are local connections which should be celebrated as part of the wider CB300 celebrations. Background Brown rose from relatively humble beginnings, the son of a yeoman farmer in Kirkhale, Northumberland, and then apprentice gardener to the local squire, to create a business with the equivalent of a multi-million pound annual turnover. He died a wealthy man, in 1783.  His is credited with over 260 landscape projects, mainly in England, with a client list which included the King, George III,...

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by M.Brown

Revival of Suprematism

Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2-27th 2016 Art Flashes – as the part of the project artist Michael Brown is the first to exhibit in the Rhodes Gallery his drawings- pen and ink. Title: Compass and ruler In the style of Russian Suprematism and specially inspired by Ljubov Popova, revival of this art focused on basic geometric forms such as circles, squares, lines and rectangles, all in black and white ink  is fascinating to view. The event will be completed by the artist himself being present for a day and explaining the process of the formation.   In Russia 1915 Kazimir Malevich who was...

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