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Art Space November 2017 ‘Then and Now’   In 2007...

Borg/McEnroe – Reviewed by Jamie


You’re probably thinking; “a biopic film about tennis, not exactly...

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by M.Brown

Revival of Suprematism

Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2-27th 2016 Art Flashes – as the part of the project artist Michael Brown is the first to exhibit in the Rhodes Gallery his drawings- pen and ink. Title: Compass and ruler In the style of Russian Suprematism and specially inspired by Ljubov Popova, revival of this art focused on basic geometric forms such as circles, squares, lines and rectangles, all in black and white ink  is fascinating to view. The event will be completed by the artist himself being present for a day and explaining the process of the formation.   In Russia 1915 Kazimir Malevich who was...

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‘Bricks and mortar or branches and twigs which is Order and which is chaos’

The Eastern Region Textile Forum

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Eastern Region Textile Forum is displaying at the Rhodes Gallery for their 4th biennial selected Textile Art exhibition. The intriguing theme of ‘Order and Chaos’  has been the subject of much discussion within the group and the resulting textile art work promises to be exciting and wide ranging in traditional and contemporary skills and techniques. The work for the exhibition was selected by internationally acclaimed weaver Heidi Lichterman. Inspirational interpretations of the theme were created by the selected artists who use their skills to combine contemporary and traditional textile techniques. They express their ideas and concepts of Order and Chaos...

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Fishy Goings on in Roman Bishop’s Stortford

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Archaeology can be a funny business; most of the time you look at the physical evidence that people have left, such as coins, jewellery, pottery and building remains and try to work out from this how they lived. However, some aspects of ancient daily life leave little or no physical evidence behind and their possible presence (or not) has to be inferred on the basis of other less direct evidence. An example of this is ink; you are very unlikely to find ink archaeologically but its original presence may be strongly indicated by the discovery of a pen and ink...

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History of the family who lived at the Cemetery Lodge, Cemetery Road, Bishop’s Stortford (Part 1)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bishop’s Stortford has so many interesting old buildings and houses. Whenever I walk to the town I try to go through the “old” cemetery near Apton Road as I find the old gravestones and the old buildings fascinating. I know from various books and articles about Bishop’s Stortford that in 1855 what was then called the New Cemetery was founded on the outskirts of the town. The Grade II listed Lodge and two chapels by the main entrance were designed by local architect GE Pritchett (who also designed the old school and church in High Wych and several other buildings...

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Beautiful, Vulnerable and Inaccessible

Monday, April 27, 2015

There is currently an exhibition of ‘Beautiful, vulnerable and inaccessible’ in the Art Space at Rhodes. This exhibition is a collaboration between the museum and photographer Sarah Stephens and it highlights the fragile nature of museum collections. Many of the items photographed for this project are not on display because their condition is poor and this is a chance to get ‘up close’ with them in a way you would not normally be able to do. Museum collections are not all pristine. Objects have ‘lived’ before they even get to us, and preventing further wear and tear is a major...

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Hidden treasure – another costume story

Friday, April 10, 2015

A few months ago the museum received an interesting gift of clothing from a family who had lived in Bishop’s Stortford in the early part of the 20th Century. The donation of items ranged from Edwardian children’s clothing to ladies dresses from the 1940s. One of the most interesting costumes may not appear at first to be exciting at all, but it is a hidden treasure. A jacket and skirt suit in white/cream wool with thin blue stripes, it is in poor condition, but it is an important piece for us here because, sewn into the jacket is a label,...

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Postcard of the Bishop's Stortford Cricket Club


Friday, March 13, 2015

Some of you may have been watching the Cricket World Cup recently. Here at Bishop’s Stortford Museum, assistant Dorian has been doing exactly that (in his own leisure time of course), which led him to pondering the relationship between museums, heritage and sport. Sport (even if you are an arsenal fan – especially if you’re an arsenal fan surely, says the curator) is undoubtedly an integral part of contemporary British cultural life, yet there is an uneasy relationship between sports and heritage institutions,  which sometimes seem to be from completely different worlds. Happily however, things are beginning to change. Here...

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Valentine’s Day at Bishop’s Stortford Museum

Friday, February 13, 2015

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and love is all around us! Here at Bishop’s Stortford museum we have been investigating the history of the day itself, from its origins as a festival involving nudity and whipping, to today’s commercially driven orgy of chocolate, jewellry, flowers and enormous teddy bears. February as a month of romance has very ancient roots. In pre-Christian times Roman men would take to the streets to slap women with pieces of dried goats skin as a believed means of increasing fertility. Some traditions are probably best left in the past … However, the first point in history...

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The Scent of Allure: A Short History of Perfume

Friday, February 6, 2015

On the 11th of February at 7:00 pm, Rhodes is hosting an interactive lecture based on scents of the 20th century. Given by fragrance historian Lizzie Ostrom, aka, Odette Toilette, this talk will focus on how smell relates to the fashion, music, film, food, science and social changes of the times, certainly a lecture not to be missed (or sniffed at)! Here at Bishop’s Stortford Museum, we have been researching the fascinating topic of perfume history, a subject with great relevance to our own collection. Writing approximately 1200 years ago, the Roman author Pliny claimed ‘the pleasure of perfume...

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Thorley Hall: Bishop's Stortford Museum Collection

Dick Whittington, the famous owner of Thorley Hall or the ‘Manor of Thorley’

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

As this year’s  Rhodes Panto ‘Dick Whittington and his magical cat,’ takes us on a quest to defeat RatPutin and rid London of his rat army, we at the museum, are setting our minds to explore a little of the history of the real Richard Whytyndone, a medieval merchant, politician and owner of propetry at Thorley, near Bishop’s Stortford. Born in the 1350s, the second son of a Gloucestershire family, Richard did not inherit his father’s estate, and so travlled to London to make his fortune. After serving an apprenticeship he became a ‘mercer’, dealing in cloth and supplying fine fabrics to both King Richard II and...

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Christmas Cracker!

‘Time to Put Up the Christmas’ by Suzanne

Monday, December 29, 2014

At one time in Bishops Stortford and the surrounding villages, people would decorate at Christmas with holly and evergreens; this was known as ‘the time to put up the Christmas’. We, the volunteers, have recently been looking at local old customs and traditions, so here are some of the things that went on at this time of year in the past. Many will recognise this account from 1553; ‘The mothers all their children on the Eeve doe cause to fast, and when they every one at night in senselesse sleepe are cast, both apples, nuttes, and peares they bring, and...

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Christmas truce in the trenches 1914

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Exactly 100 years ago this evening, 18 year old Private Charles Brazier of Bishop’s Stortford took part in the famous Christmas truce in the trenches. Charles was one of many soldiers who stepped over the top into no-mans land, not to fight, but to share Christams greetings with the enemy, to sing carols and exchange gifts. Early in December commanders noted that Chritsmas might be a time when the men would want to fraternise: “It is during this period that the greatest danger to the morale of troops exists…friendly intercourse with the enemy, unofficial armistices, however tempting and amusing they may be, are...

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