First Things First

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello and welcome to the first ever Bishop’s Stortford Museum blog. Here we will hope to keep you up to date with all the goings on within the museum including our exhibitions, events, projects and a sneak peek of the work that goes on behind the scenes!

We are a small museum team here with Sarah our Curator, Alex our Deputy Curator and Sophie our Museum Assistant working with our amazing team of volunteers to keep the museum running like a well oiled machine.

The Bishop’s Stortford Museum is situated in the original birthplace of Cecil J. Rhodes (1853 – 1902), the famed financier and founder of diamond company De Beers. We are lucky enough to see visitors from all over the world, many of whom come to see the unique collection of objects we hold relating to Rhodes and his life and to study the beautiful African ethnographic material we have.

Our collection also boasts some great local history objects including local archaeology finds, beautiful Victorian costume, and even our very own in-residence Roman skeleton Titus.

Here is one of our favorite objects: a Palaeolithic hand axe left behind by a Bishop’s Stortfordian between 400,000-250,000 BC. It is The oldest object relating to Bishop’s Stortford history and certainly shows how long hominids have been in the area.

This brilliant photo was taken by our wonderful museum photographer: Sarah Stephens

Our Curator Sarah is convinced it is the most beautiful thing she has seen and you can’t really argue with that, it is a pretty spectacular piece of history! Come and take a look for yourself, the axe is part of our permanent display on the second floor of  Rhodes.

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