by M.Brown

Revival of Suprematism

Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2-27th 2016 Art Flashes – as the part of the project artist Michael Brown is the first to exhibit in the Rhodes Gallery his drawings- pen and ink. Title: Compass and ruler

In the style of Russian Suprematism and specially inspired by Ljubov Popova, revival of this art focused on basic geometric forms such as circles, squares, lines and rectangles, all in black and white ink  is fascinating to view. The event will be completed by the artist himself being present for a day and explaining the process of the formation.


In Russia 1915 Kazimir Malevich who was a founder of the Suprematism movement alongside with 13 other artists (among which were Vladimir Tatlin and Ljubov Popova) exhibited works in similar style explaining that the term suprematism  refers to an abstract art based upon ‘the supremacy of pure artistic feeling’ rather than on visual depiction of objects.
It is fascinating that great Russian avant-garde reached its creative height in the period from 1917-1932 where most of the participants were from the wealthy and highly cultured families. At that point the ideas of the avant-garde clashed with the newly emerged state-sponsored direction of Socialist Realism. These extreme opposites throughout the History of Art were hard to comprehend unless they were artificially imported from the out of the country which from the today’s point of view, there is no doubt about.


Assumptions aside, we can only presume how grasping the concept of this ‘new’ art was pushing the boundaries of the human intelligence.

Less extreme from today’s critical point of view, the white paper being a starting point for Michael Brown could be interpreted as an energy field where the elements are held in a balanced yet creative and proportioned totality as if linking the compositions of the unrestrained past to the very much controlled future where everything is black and white, just like the means of the black and white ink the artist has applied to express his passion for enigmatic creations such as the ones he shared with us.

Aleksandra Andrijevic

Deputy Curator


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