This month…..a mystery object

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June’s blog is more of a question than anything else.

The museum has a significant collection of material which is currently not on display in the museum, but held in store. Volunteers at the museum are currently cataloguing the thousands of objects held in store and they are creating a complete inventory, which will make it easier for people in the future to access the objects and documents we hold. This is a fascinating but sometimes challenging job…..and sometimes something unexpected and outside our experience turns up, and so to our question.

Whilst cataloguing items from the local history collection this week our volunteers Roy and Steve came across this item… it is made of metal – probably brass and has two parts that fit together (the left hand peice seems to fit into the right hand piece, when the arms are open as in the first picture below). The part shown on the right hand side of the images has a mesh embedded into it, and it appears to have some association with burning. The interesting thing is that there is no way to open the part with the mesh –to add or take away anything for burning. So what is it?

We are flummoxed here – is it some kind of stove or lamp? What do you think?






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