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Art Space Peter Morffew 1-29th August  2017   The paintings...

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We are delighted to present to you art by Katarina...

Can I Learn Anything New?

“I had no idea of the importance of this collection. Very interesting, I learnt a lot.”  Visitor comment

You can learn a great deal from a visit to the Bishop’s Stortford Museum – come along and find out the answers to these questions!

  • Why is there a ‘Bishop’s in Bishop’s Stortford?
  • Who was Cecil Rhodes and why is he such an important figure in history?
  • What was the Scramble for Africa and why were 15 million people forced to leave their countries and become slaves?
  • How did members of a Victorian household live and what did the servants do?
  • Who was ‘Titus’ our Roman Skeleton – and what did he do?

    'Titus' our resident talking Roman Skeleton



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