Atomic Blonde – reviewed by Jamie

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The movie opens with a distressed man running through the streets of Berlin. Abruptly he is struck by a car and shot in the head, cut to opening credits. This sets the scene of David Leitch’s stylish espionage thriller. The story follows Agent Lorraine Broughton, sent undercover into the heart of Berlin to investigate the murder of a fellow agent. Meanwhile, at the same time, she is set the task of recovering a missing list of double agents. However she soon finds she has to rely on her skills and intelligence if she is to carry out her mission and return alive.

The film is driven with a breakneck pace packed full of flawless action sequences. It becomes apparent from the outset that the director has once again replicated the successful choreography with that of his previous action film “John Wick”, involving an iconic stairwell fight scene which will stick with audiences for many months to come.

Throughout, the film is carried by catchy music that captivates the audience. The soundtrack is not only deeply entertaining, it also coincides with the era creating a classic retro vibe.

In regards to the acting, the movie boasts a stellar cast. Charlize Theron (also seen in Mad Max) conveys a charming yet lethal persona as the female protagonist. This breath of fresh air encompasses the action hero spot on with scenes capable of rivalling that of the Bond franchise. Meanwhile James Mcavoy once again steals every scene he features in, playing the drunken and disorderly undercover agent assisting in the mission.

Overall Atomic blonde is a gripping spy thriller at its prime and is a lot of fun for fans of the genre.

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