The Rocky Horror Picture Show – reviewed by Jamie

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

It would genuinely be a struggle to find someone who hasn’t heard of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and for a good reason too. This raucous musical is camp madness at its best. Being a Frankenstein like mismatch of comedy and horror, one could not find a more fitting film to watch in the spirit of Halloween. A much-loved cult classic, this movie screams absurdity from the opening credits alone. Threaded throughout with ghoulish themes and songs to roar at the top of your lungs it’s a Halloween experience unlike any other.

Tim Curry takes the iconic lead as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite scientist who also doubles as a ring leader for a mismatch community of characters – who’s wacky costumes and theatrical performances fill the screen. Innocent newlyweds Brad and Janet wind up seeking refuge within their household, soon finding it wasn’t quite what they bargained for. With classic songs of the likes of “Time Warp” its no surprise this film has been developed into so many stage shows and interactive movie performances.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan willing to partake in the dressing up and madness or simply looking to immerse yourself in the atmosphere with a group of friends, the Rocky Horror Picture Show will ensure laughter and a night like no other.

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